Essential Oils 101 – Young Living Review – Day 1

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Essential Oils 101 – Day 1

I used to think that diamonds were a girls’ best friend. Now I think essential oils are.

I honestly do not know how I stayed a skeptic for so long. I was unaware, uneducated, and ignorant about essential oils.

Until recently.

Before I started using oils, I wanted to know my stuff. I wanted to make sure they were safe to use for me, my kids and my dog. Because I obviously care about them, and I have heard some nasty things about essential oils, which mostly turned out to be untrue, or because of misuse.

Because I am a FIRM believer that knowledge is power, I want to share a little Essential Oil 101 with you.

After I share everything I know about essential oils, I will give an honest review of the Young Living Oils I have been using.

Lets get started.

So, what is an essential oil, exactly? Have you ever zested a lemon or torn a leaf of fresh mint? The wonderful fragrance from these plants come from their essential oils and these little molecules can help to support wellness in every body system from head to toe!  There are 3 ways that you can use essential oils: Aromatically, Topically, and Internally.

Aromatically –

  • You will love the variety of ways you can use essential oils aromatically!  From smelling them right out of the bottle, to placing a drop in your hand and rubbing it together and cupping over your nose as you take a deep breath, to diffusing them with your diffuser… the opportunities are endless. 
  • Cool Fact!  When you diffuse Essential Oils, you are inhaling and processing them directly through the olfactory system and sending signals to the limbic part of your brain. This is the “seat of emotions” in our brain. It bypasses thought, reason and logic, which is why essential oils can help us process our emotional responses incredibly well. Studies have shown that when diffusing certain oils, you may experience relaxation, alertness, motivation…the list goes on! You can even just inhale from the bottle too.  Oils are our go-to to help with all things emotions in our house!

Topically –

  • Oils may also be used topically.  We often apply them to the bottoms of our feet – especially when applying to little ones.
  • Dilution – Some oils, like PanAway, may be “hotter” on the skin when applied. You may want to use a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil (I’ve been using olive oil) to dilute the essential oil. This won’t inhibit or dilute the properties or effectiveness of the oil at all, but will lessen the intensity of it when applied. We always dilute on little ones!
  • When you apply essential oils to the skin, their powerful components are absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream. Then they can work to support various organs and systems of the body. Essential oils work with your body and can help bring about fundamental changes in physical, mental and emotional well-being by triggering and strengthening our bodies’ own natural response.

Internally / Ingested –

  • You can place a drop of any of Young Living’s Vitality essential oils (other brands not recommended to ingest) into a beverage (only use glass!!) or put a few drops into a vegetable capsule. Many times when an oil is “ingested” it may simply be that the oil is rubbed on the inner cheek. I love putting a drop of Peppermint Vitality oil in my mouth after a meal for freshening breath, and at the same time supporting my digestion!
  • Please don’t take these recommendations and use them with other brands of essential oils. Young Living oils are backed by the Seed to Seal promise for their purity and potency.  (  Do not expect the same results from other low-quality essential oils you can find at the health food store. In the same way you wouldn’t expect a fine steak dinner from McDonald’s, you shouldn’t expect the great results from essential oils purchased at the grocery store.
  • The purity and care that goes into each and every bottle of Young Living oils make them safe to use in so many ways.

Now for the oils! I can’t share them all, so let’s start with my favourites,

Lavender. It is the most versatile of all oils! As you might imagine, lavender has a soothing, calming aroma. But it’s not the synthetic lavender aroma you might be used to from your commercialized candles and fabric softener. It’s pure and refreshing, straight from gorgeous, purple lavender fields. Lavender helps me feel calm and collected. It’s one of the most gentle oils and it’s often for little ones. This is also a very comforting oil. When someone is feeling hurt, this is the oil mammas reach for most often. It’s fragrance is calming and the oil is useful for supporting a wide variety of needs.

Here are a few ways we use lavender oil:

+ Helps promote a restful night’s sleep

+ Roll onto feet for a calming effect

+ Unwind by adding a few drops to epsom salts in a relaxing bath

+ Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in a drawer to scent linens/clothes

+ Roll onto chest to combat seasonal discomfort

+ Add to a spray bottle with witch hazel for a refreshing after sun spray

+ Add to a spray bottle with water for a relaxing linen spray

Next up,

Lemon is an easy favourite of most!  I like to put 2-3 drops into my glass of water every day to help support my liver and keep it happy. Lemon oil contains a very important constituent called d-limonene. (Click over and Google this stuff, you guys. It is powerful, and so good for our bodies!)

Ways to use lemon:

+ Use to remove gum or sticky things

+ Add to lavender to give your body extra support during changing seasons

+ Roll onto chest during winter months

+ Aids with focus and concentration

+ Add a drop to your water for a refreshing beverage

+ Perfect for enhancing the flavour of food

  • This is a wonderful, immune boosting oil to add to your daily wellness routine


I don’t want to make this post too long, so stay tuned for tomorrow when I discuss Peppermint, Frankincense and (my husband’s favourite) Purification!

Have a question? Do you have a favourite Essential Oil? Comment below and let me know!

Click HERE for Day Two.

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